Laman Hijauan @ Kuantan, Pahang

Bandar Damansara Kuantan Freehold Upcoming Launches
Double-Storey Terrace House 1,600 sq. ft.    

The Kuantan project is a residency development that provides maximum functionality, meeting the needs and aspirations of Kuantan residents while being sustainable and environmentally-friendly in line with the client’s motto: Technology In Harmony With Nature. Strategic Planning Elements The project was conceived with several strategic elements as follows:

1. Strategic Location

The project is located strategically close and easily accessible to the key motor way that links the Kuantan town center to the north.

2. Ring Road

To promote a safe and superior community living space with efficient accessibility and convenience, a Ring Road loops the perimeter of boundary thus creating a centralised core living space. It offers advantages such as reduced noise and air pollution, a car free zone for pedestrian safety, reduced heat retention to community living space and energy efficiency.

3. Central Landscaped Park: community living space

Within the heart of the project is a Central Landscape Park which provides greenery and a beautiful location for residents to enjoy. The park provides a peaceful place for physical activites as well as a gathering place for the whole community to enjoy.
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